I'm Linus, and currently looking for an internship in late 2018

I grew up in a small german town next to Basel, right at the swiss and french border. After finishing highschool I moved to Berlin for studying Communication Design at HTW Berlin. Until 2017 I was doing mostly freelance work, but then started a job at Berlin based digital design studio Überdosis. During my first year I’ve had the chance to lead a number of projects through all states and develop several skills in commercial work.

When not working, I enjoy playing and creating downtempo music with my roommate (you might wanna check it out on Soundcloud), creating artworks for disko.graphics, a sideproject with another friend of mine, or just talking long walks through Berlin's parks and alleys, while taking architectural and scenic photographs on Instagram.
I’m eager to learn new things, easy to excite and open for a new adventure with you to come!

If you think we should spend 3 to 4 fun months together, I’d be more than happy to meet you, have a chat, and show you some more of my work!